'What Doesn't Kill You Make You Stronger' video! 'New Style Rocka' CD Single!!


Today was a day with a bad start. The awful Manchester weather meant that our scheduled shoot for the 'Sunny Side Of The Street' video had to be tossed in the bin like a used tissue. BALLS. However, we've pulled ourselves up by our bootstrings and uploaded a new video as a sacrifice to the Sun God that he may shine on us on our rescheduled date.

The wonderful Matt Fleming (whose work and new video company you can check out HERE) was sweet enough to film us a little promo vid for 'What Doesn't Kill You Make You Stronger'. Come and check it out over on our YouTube HERE.

As a little celebration of the video (and due to the constant badgering from various people out there!) we've made the last remaining CDs of 'New Style Rocka' available on CD single for £4 with POSTAGE PAID. That means you can get 'New Style Rocka feat. Tonn Piper', 'What Doesn't Kill You Make You Stronger' and the 'New Style Rocka' Frisk remix for just four quid with FREE P&P for a limited time! Head over HERE to check it out.

OK then. We're heading into the studio in 6 days time to record our long-awaited new album. We've got all the songs written and all that business and we're ready to go so it shouldn't be too long before more Boom material drops to put the world to rights. Only thing is, we're not exactly flush after two years in the wilderness so, right now, every penny helps. Remember, you can get ALL our official downloads HERE and our merch is available on our store HERE so if you want to go and part with a few of your hard-earneds in exchange for our incredible music and merch, then do it now. GET TO THE CHAAAPAAAH!!!

'Sunny Side Of The Street' coming very soon.

Until The Sunlight Comes...

Barney x

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  • seehar
    Could you do the pledge thing like the skints? Or is it too late/ do you not like the idea? X

    Could you do the pledge thing like the skints? Or is it too late/ do you not like the idea? X

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