'The Emperor' Video and Operation Boombox Mixtape Drops Today! Grab it on PledgeMusic!!

Well now

It’s finally here!


During the last couple of months of mixing the new album, we’ve found the time to put together an EP of original tracks, remixes and a cover version to whet your appetite for Operation Boombox. We’ve got a brand new collaboration with Capitol 1212, two remixes of tracks from the forthcoming album, one tune that didn’t make it onto the record and, finally, a proper recording of much requested acoustic cover of ‘Perfect’. Massive thanks to Capitol 1212, Dan P Skindred and The Future Dub Project for their contributions. Cheers to Dan Weller, Adam Noble and Tim Morris for their help in preparing the audio. The EP is available exclusively on our project on PledgeMusic.com. It's FREE with any pledge on an exclusive product, or just £5 if you want it alone, which also gives you access to all our update videos and photos, documenting the recording and mixing of the album so far, along with several demo tracks.

1) The Emperor (w/ Capitol 1212)
2) Drop The Bass (and Pick it up) (Dan P Skindred Remix)
3) After All That We’ve Been Through….
4) Joanna (The Future Dub Project Remix)
5) Perfect

Remember to comment and let us know what you think of the tracks. Now that the digital download is fulfilled, I’ll be sending out some of the PledgeMusic exclusive items that aren’t tied to the new album, such as the posters and rare CDs, next week. I’ll also be putting up some new items on the campaign so keep checking back.


Watch ‘The Emperor’ lyric video on YouTube now. Thanks to Punk Duck Video for all their hard work! ‘The Emperor’ is the latest collaboration between Sonic Boom Six and Capitol 1212 Productions. Sonically, the aim was to provide a crossover between the electro-rock soundclash of the 2012 self-titled record and the bouncy ska, reggae and hip-hop of the forthcoming album, effectively bridging the gap between two generations of Boom.

Lyrically, the song deals with certain developments in the political landscape of the UK over the last few years, that have continued to fester and grow to a point that they can no longer be ignored. How very apt that at the time of this being written, the titular Emperor is being afforded a primetime national platform to peddle his convenient, and dangerous, answers to the nation’s problems.

‘Inside the silence of the sound of the truth, he has none’.

Watch the video on YouTube now.


In some good news, there are still 10 tickets left for our Pledge-exclusive London gig next Wednesday. We’re spending the weekend rehearsing some new songs and hope to have some big tunes and big news at the show. If you have previously Pledged and haven’t received your ticket, just email Barney atpaul.barnes@pledgemusic.com
Sonic Boom Six + Tree House Fire & DJs
December 17th
The Stillery,
Camden Town
Doors 7:30pm (TBC)

I repeat there are just 10 tickets left. Go! Grab them! Tickets available EXCLUSIVELY from our PledgeMusic page HERE.

Speak soon guys! We hope you enjoy the EP and are getting ready for the album.

Until The Sunlight Comes...


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