Sunderland Show Cancelled! & More.

Hey guys

We regret to have to inform you guys that the show in Sunderland this Sunday 16th October has been cancelled. This is neither due to us nor the venue but due to the fact that the promoter has basically disappeared. We'll take the high road and abstain from putting out his name and email on here to see if you can make contact yourselves but believe me we considered it! We're absolutely gutted to have to cancel a show but there is no other way around it for us. Refunds are going to be given to those who have bought tickets in advance and, once again, we're sorry about this. We'll be back in the North East next year and we'll make it up to you guys.

Derby and Leicester shows have been great, Manchester tonight should be amazing.

On a lighter note, we've been featured in the Ones 2 Watch in the Scottish version of The Sun. If you can get a copy, I recommend reading it for the wonder of seeing an article on SB6 written in 100% genuine tabloid format with BOLD words like Energetic and followed by a sentence then a sentence in italics. "They are three albums deep, but it’s only now that they’re troubling TV and radio stations. And current single For The Kids Of The Multiculture is the reason." Cheers to Chris Sweeney for the interview, it was fun!

Sorry again about the Sunderland show guys. Hopefully see you sooner rather than later!

Until The Sunlight Comes...

Barney x

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  • dave


    you should have played in newcastle instead.

    you should have played in newcastle instead.

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