'Sonic Boom Six' is here! Pre-Order from us extended 24 hours!! Radio sessions a-plenty!!!

Hey guys

'Sonic Boom Six' is here and ready to go! And what a beauty it looks. It's one thing seeing it on a screen but to have it in the flesh, if you will, is a different matter altogether. We have to say a thanks to Steve Kitchen, Chris Saunders and Si Mitchell for working so hard on the artwork and a special thanks to Xtra Mile for allowing us to go the extra mile(!) and have the packaging we wanted to make the whole thing perfect.

After a busy weekend in Bulgaria, we spent 4 and a half hours on Monday signing the buggers. And we're way ahead of schedule for once, so we've decided to extend the signed digipak pre-order 24 more hours. You've got until midnight tonight (Thursday October 10th) to order your signed digipak direct from us. Orders will be sent first class on Friday October 12th to arrive on 15th October release date!

To pre-order CD signed from the band directly from us click HERE
To pre-order CD from Xtra Mile Recordings click HERE
To pre-order download on iTunes click HERE
To pre-order CD from Amazon click HERE

We've got tons of stuff happening over the next few weeks around the release date of the album, including the Banquet Instore on the day of release and the Xtra Mile and West London Bass Club clubnights where we will be DJing. Read all the details HERE.

News just in is that we'll be visiting the offices of Kerrang! FM to record a takeover show for Matt Stock's In:Demand show and we'll also record a few acoustic tracks to boot. The show is going to be broadcast on this coming Monday evening (day of release) between 7 and 10pm. Me and Laila will be in the studio spinning all kinds of music and chatting for the whole show about the new album, the band and everything in between. Head over to Kerrang! Radio to find out how to tune in.

Additionally, we'll be visiting our old mates at the Under The Pavement radio show this Thursday night. Me and Laila will be popping in for a live studio chat and a few  acoustic tracks plus some plays from album live after 11pm. Come on over to the Under The Pavement website to find out how to tune in.

OK, that's it for today, keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter cos things are going pretty mental at the mo. Wouldn't want you to miss anything!

Until The Sunlight Comes...

Barney x

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