PledgeMusic Campaign Mixtape Update! London Gig!! How To Name Your Band!!!

Alrighty then.

I hope everyone is well out there. I'm not going to mention 'that time of year' because it's only November, but one can't deny that things are starting to feel a little more festive - in as much as it's freezing and constantly threatening to snow.


For the people who have Pledged on our PledgeMusic campaign (and if you haven't, why haven't you?!) our mixtape has been slightly delayed and will now be dropping on December 1st and will include TWO new tunes, TWO new remixes and a new cover version! Over on PledgeMusic, I've done a quick video update to let you know all about the details of the new mixtape download date and a few notes about the album and PledgeMusic campaign. If you still haven't Pledged, we've hit over 125% and the album is absolutely on its way... the only way to get this mixtape and access to all the updates about the making of the album, including a library of videos, demos and photos is to go and get involved, so do it now on our PledgeMusic page.


On 17th December, 2014 Sonic Boom Six are going to be playing our last headline show of the year at The Stillery in Camden Town. At this very special gig, SB6 are going to be playing a mix of old and new, and have reggae steppers Tree House Fire in support and DJs on hand to make the party one to remember. WARNING. This gig has only 30 tickets left. It WILL sell out, so get on it!

Sonic Boom Six + Tree House Fire & DJs
December 17th
The Stillery,
Camden Town
Doors 7:30pm (TBC)

Tickets available EXCLUSIVELY from our PledgeMusic page HERE.


Barney wrote an article for creative inspiration and support site Ideastap about the right way to choose a band name. Once chosen, your band name could stay with you for your whole career – so you’d better get it right! Barney asked Scroobius Pip and members of The Coral, Skindred, and The Paddingtons how they picked theirs in this fun article that you can check out HERE. Please remember to support SB6 by commenting and sharing!

Until The Sunlight Comes...

Barney x

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