Merry Christmas! Here's Your Present!! FREE Sonic Boom Six LIVE Album!!!

Merry Christmas!

I hope that Santa has brought you everything you wanted and you and the fam have been having a wonderful day. Just as I promised, here's a little gift from us at SB6 for all your support this year, which has been tremendous. And 2013 is shaping up to be even better!

If you are on our mailing list, you can find attached our Official Christmas Bootleg, recorded 8/12/2012 at MTC, Köln, Germany. This recording is taken straight from the mixing desk. It's raw, unpolished, ruff and ready, but it's exactly what SB6 sounds like onstage. I was always a huge fan of buying bootleg live albums by my favourite bands so I thought this would be a cool thing to hear. I hope that it is! Props to Luke Dowson for the live mixing and effects and the set was recorded by Stephan Wiefling for Kölncampus. Thanks! Simply click the link at the end of the email to redeem your download. If you aren't on our mailing list, pop over to and grab it from there.

While you're waiting for it to download, why not go and check out our SB6 Christmas message. May your days be merry and all your Christmases be white!

Until The Sunlight Comes...

Barney x

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