Hear the demo of Joanna now! Join our Pledgemusic Campaign to hear it!!

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On Wednesday, we completed our pre-production period with Dan Weller and all the songs have been finished that are making their way onto 'Operation Boombox'. We've got a few demos from before the pre-production period that we're going to let you guys hear exclusively on Pledgemusic.

It'll be very interesting for you to hear how these demos, which we recorded at home before the album writing, change once we get to the versions on the finished product. The first track we've uploaded is 'Joanna' which we've been playing live recently and always gets people moving. Hopefully you dig the rocksteady sound and lyrics of the track which you can stream on Pledgemusic HERE.

We're going to be uploading more demos very soon! Please let us know what you think of this one and any suggestions you have for the finished track are very welcome.

If you can't hear the song, remember you need to pre-order from the Pledge to be able to access the track. If there's a suggestion for new items or bundles you have, please let us know because we're going to be updating the stock this week.



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