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Last week we announced the departure of Neil 'Macca' McMinn, whose talent and versatility on the kit has always been a vital part of the SB6 sound. Today, we're looking into the future with the announcement of our new drummer. Drum roll please! (How very apt...)

We're stoked to announce that the newest member of Sonic Boom Six is none other than Luke Hesketh. Luke, like our very own James T Boom, is going to be sharing drumming duties with SB6 and our good friends The Karma Party. We first became aware of Luke's thunderous and techy dance-rock grooves when playing with Myth of Unity many years back. In fact 'The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions' was directly influenced by that band's sound and beats after they supported us so many moons ago, so it's great to come full circle and have the aspects of that band that we were drawn to actually a part of Sonic Boom Six!

Luke played his first gig with us in Serbia last weekend, and today joins us at Bearded Theory Festival, Derbyshire, today! Now that we've got a drummer, we're moving into getting the new record out and booking live dates to support it. We hope you'll all make Luke feel very welcome!


Elsewhere, we've got an acoustic gig on the 30th May at Camden Rocks Festival. We'll be on the Brew Dog acoustic stage at 21:30. Prime time for a cheeky skank. Cheeky Nandos optional. Secret headliners Bullet For My Valentine are secret no more!!! You can still grab tickets over on their website...


Elsewhere, Barney has been writing guidance blogs for emerging musicians for the good people atPledgeMusic that you can check out on their blog now...

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Many more are coming soon! Remember to like, comment and share these articles to anyone starting out in a band that may need a helping hand!

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Until The Sunlight Comes...

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