We Got 99 Problems but a Pledge Ain't One. LET'S PARTY!


Ta very much! At the time of writing, we've hit 105% on our Pledgemusic campaign, thanks to the kindness and support of you guys (and a protracted personal email campaign that's kept me up for much of the last two weeks!) ;)

We're sending gratitude to each and every one of you that's Pledged; you've made the forthcoming months much more of a downhill journey for us in an industry that's becoming more challenging every year. We intentionally kept our Pledge target as low as humanly possible to make the record and we hope that if you've not Pledged, you'll still consider helping out as and when you can. Every penny will go towards making sure it gets the best chance of promotion and support possible. All Pledgers will be getting the Operation Boombox mixtape in November and if you purchased the album itself, that's coming early next year.

Our Pledgemusic page is HERE.

So let's celebrate! Laila and Barney will be DJing this Friday night from 20:00 at The Montague Arms in Peckham. It's free to get in and they'll be spinning the best and bounciest in ska, pop, hip-hop, punk and ragga that will probably include Wyclef Jean at some point. Also on the bill is I Am Legendary Robot, who play Belgian 8-bit metal! Please come down, it'll be FUN. Facebook event HERE.

One thing that's been great about the last few days has been re-connecting with so many of you guys. Remember, as well as the constantly updating stream on our homepage HERE, you can hit us on on Twitter HERE, Facebook HERE and Tumblr HERE and we're always ready for a blether.

For now, here's to Operation Boombox and thank you guys again!

Until The Sunlight Comes...

Barney x

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