Video for new single 'For The Kids Of The Multiculture' online now! Boom on the radio tonight!!

This is it!

The video for our new single 'For The Kids Of The Multiculture' is up now!

Watch it on our YouTube page HERE.

This news is so magnificant that I feel I can add very little right now except to say that this is the first single off our forthcoming album. PLEASE share this around and help us push our music further than we ever have before. We love your comments so keep us informed of what you guys think, we're stoked totally with the video. Thanks so much for the hard work from the guys at Trifecta Films and a special thank you goes out to Tom Carson.

In addition to this, tonight you can hear the exclusive first-play of 'For The Kids Of The Multiculture' over on Matt Stock's In:Demand show on Kerrang! Radio 105.2 fm between 7pm and 10pm. Check out all the info for the show HERE and keep supporting the people in the music industry that support bands like The Boom!

Tomorrow will be full news of how you can order the new single and the exclusive bundle we're doing from SB6 HQ but for now, it's all about the promo for 'For The Kids Of The Multiculture'...

What are you waiting for?! Watch it, dig it, share it!

Barney x

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  • ian nick
    ian nick
    see you tonight king tuts glasgow

    see you tonight king tuts glasgow

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