The Pledge Rolls On! Barney Interviews Ben C!! James Taking Production Bookings!!!

Well now!

It's been a busy few weeks for us recording and mixing some pre-production album demos that we promised that the Pledgers would be able to hear at least a track from. All we've been able to put out there right now was a quick video update for the Pledge Music to let you know why we’ve been silent the last couple of weeks and why the promised demo footage never emerged! Basically, my iPad got left on a train which threw a real spanner in the works. First world problems, we know, but it really has slowed us down. We're going to be updating the lists of exclusives and content this week on our Pledge campaign which is doing amazingly at 65%. And, as of yesterday, we've got some mixed tracks we'll be letting the Pledgers hear ASAP.

Head over to check our our Pledge Music campaign update HERE

Elsewhere on the internet this week, in case you're wondering what's become of our old pal and guitarist Ben Childs, wonder no more! Barney has done an interview with Ben about his new band KillBillies talking about their new album Transplant Life. We get into the specifics of mashing together British and American folk, DIY music, SB6 and more. You can stream his new songs and watch his new video on

Please read it HERE and remember to comment!


Our very own James Routh is taking production bookings and has some gaps in his diary over the next couple of months. If you want an experienced engineer, producer, songwriter and mixer who has sprinkled his aural magic on The Karma PartyGhoulsLeroy's Mama and many more, including of course, Sonic Boom Six then give him a shout on

Click HERE or click the player below to check out his Soundcloud Showreel!

Finally, I'm pleased to say that I'm finally finishing uploading a whole bunch of stems from the last album so I'll get those on the site the second I've got a chance. Remember, I update our Facebook and Tumblr page every day and you can keep up with those updates on our homepage feed HERE


Until The Sunlight Comes...

Barney x

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