THE BOOM NEEDS YOU! Operation Boombox Pledgemusic Campaign Launches!! FREE MUSIC!!!

Well now.

The Boom is gearing up to record album number five, a project we've dubbed 'Operation Boombox'. We've written the songs, selected our distinguished producer Dan Weller Producer (Enter ShikariYoung Guns) and demo'd our tracks. But between this record becoming a reality and remaining as demos stands the small process of recording. To fund this obstacle we need to ask for the collaboration of The Legion of Boom, the greatest bunch of fans that the music world has ever seen. Even if we do say so ourselves.

To put it bluntly... THE BOOM NEEDS YOU!

The songs on 'Operation Boombox' have been described  as 'the bouncy Boom of old with the production and song-writing of the New Boom'. Some of you may have heard 'Joanna', 'All the Same to me', 'Drop the Bass (and Pick it up) and 'Do What You Wanna Do' on the last tour. That's the vibe and the style we're rocking; what we think The Boom does best! Big ska, bouncy reggae and banging beats.

In exchange for your pre-order, you will get exclusive access to the creation the album plus the chance to receive a range of other exclusive, signed, rare, unique and limited edition items. There are signed copies of the new record, lyric sheets for a Sonic Boom Six song of your choice, t-shirts, screen prints and lots more deluxe and bespoke propositions.

You'll also be kept right up to date with the progress of the project as we'll be posting exclusive video diaries, rough mixes and demos from the album, blogs and maybe even the odd live or rare track. This will all be available exclusively, and for free, to those who get involved via the 'Updates Page'.


We WILL NOT be one of those bands that promises to stay in touch but instead never posts an update. We WILL be posting demos and rough mixes to get your feedback and approval.

To start you off, we're offering a free MP3 of our jolly ditty 'The Boom Needs You' via our Pledgemusic account later on today.

On top of this, those who Pledge will also be helping our friends at the Teenage Cancer Trust to continue their amazing charity. So you get to feel all virtuous too!

Please come help us and be part of 'Operation Boombox'.


Head over to our Pledgemusic page HERE to check it all out.

Sonic Boom Six

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