Sunny Side of the Tweet!


Hope you guys are enjoying the summer! We've been destroying stages at Sonisphere and Guilfest and having lots of fun doing so. Thanks to everyone that came to see us... over at Guilfest we did a cool little video interview with the Get Surrey site with a nice little bit of live footage. You can check it out HERE.

OK then, it's just a week until the release of 'Sunny Side of the Street'. I trust you've watched the video, but if not, then come and check it out HERE. I'm going to be honest, we've still not sold anywhere near the amount of T-Shirt and CD bundles that we need to to make the single a success so PLEASE pop over and check out the item on our store HERE. These little bundles are massively important to us seeing as we've just finished recording the new album which we've self-financed so every contribution helps. Don't worry, we're not asking for charity, just your support and we promise that the album will be worth it.

To sweeten the deal, we're offering a brand new remix of 'Sunny Side' for FREE on Mp3! This summery slice of hip-hop reggae was the runner up in our remix competiton and is by Dai Sax, aka Dave from the awesome Welsh ska-core band Broken Nose who you can check out HERE. Dai's personal SoundCloud page is HERE and has a load more great stuff on there to check out.

All you need to do to grab this awesome tune is to head over to the Sunny Side of the Tweet page HERE and simply click the PAY WITH A TWEET button. Once you do the Tweet and help to publicise our new video, you will be able to download the tune for free! Of course, it wouldn't hurt for you to follow me (and Laila @Laila_K) while you're at it.

For the rest of the week, every day I'm going to be putting a different remix of the song on our Facebook and our Twitter so look forward to that! In the meantime, please don't forget to pop over and order the single...

Until the Sunlight Comes!

Barney x

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