Summer Festival Fun! Boom Competition!! Remix Roundup & Free Boom Tunes!!!

Hey there!

Don't want to jinx anything here but it's certainly looking good for a decent summer here in the UK for once. Outside the sun is shining and it's only May so fingers crossed this wonderful turn of events continues. After our awesome little tour of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands (thanks to all involved!) we've been busy writing, demo-ing and preparing to record our new album. We did find the time to pop into the studio with Pete Miles to record our next single which you'll be hearing much more about in the coming weeks. Rest assured, it's sounding appropraitely nice and summery.

Speaking of summer, we've just announced a load of shows... we love festival season. The Boom will be showing up at Bearded Theory, Strummercamp, Skate Bowl (Belgium), Power Festival (Belgium), Nozstock Hidden Vally Festival, Kendal Calling, Amplitude, Rumble Down South and will be topping it all off with a headline set on the Red Bull stage at Sonisphere which is awesome! We kick off the dates with a show in Milton Keynes this Wednesday (Facebook event is HERE) which sees the return of the incredible Anti-Vigilante so it should be emotional! New festivals and warm-up shows are going to be being announced all the time so keep checking back.

May 11, 2011 - Milton Keynes,  (UK) @ Crauford Arms - May 2011 EVENT
May 12, 2011 - Cheltenham,  (UK) @ Frog and Fiddle - May 2011 EVENT
May 13, 2011 - Derbyshire,  (UK) @ Bearded Theory Festival - Bearded Theory Festival 2011 SITE
May 28, 2011 - Cheadle,  (UK) @ Strummercamp - Strummercamp 2011 EVENT
Jun 26, 2011 - Oostende,  (BE) @ Velodroom Oostende - Skate Bowl
Jul 2, 2011 - Amersham,  (UK) @ Kennel Farm, Little Missenden - Rumble Down South EVENT
Jul 10, 2011 - Knebworth,  (UK) @ Red Bull Tent - Sonisphere 2011 EVENT
Jul 21, 2011 - Belgium,  (BE) @ La Louviere - Power Festival EVENT
Jul 23, 2011 - Bordeaux,  (FR) @ Hold'em Saloon
Jul 29, 2011 - Hertfordshire,  (UK) @ Nozstock Music Festival - Nozstock Hidden Valley Festival 2011 EVENT
Jul 30, 2011 - Kendal,  (UK) @ Kendal Calling - Kendal Calling 2011 EVENT
Aug 6, 2011 - Wallngford,  (UK) @ Amplitude Festival 2011 - Amplitude Festival 2011 EVENT

To celebrate the release of the original version and the Frisk remix of 'New Style Rocker', Sonic Boom Six and Sturban Clothing are teaming up for the competition of all competitions. The guys at Sturban have this to say... "What we'd like you to do is send us a video. It can be anything you like, miming, dancing, short film, parkour, skating etc, the only requirement is you have to have the sonic boom six track 'New Style Rocka' as your theme/background music (you could even do a cover/remix if you are in a band/producer). This can be just 'on in the background' or as an overlay onto your video. As long as we can hear it and it is clearly the theme for the video it will be accepted as an entry" You can check it out and read all the details over on the Sturban site HERE.

From one remix to another (few), we've had some amazing remixes coming in from the 'New Style Rocka' sessions. The Red Hat 'New Style Rocka' remix is a fidgety electro mindbomb with tight bass and nice wobs. And there is a free download available, just click through HERE. Our pal Adem AKA Panic Dance has made a fierce punky-dubstep interpretation of 'What Doesn't Kill You Make You Stronger' with a breaking-glass sample that reminds me of Stone Cold Steve Austin so does if for me! Check it out HERE. Also taking on 'What Doesn't Kill You' is Chris Eisenhower with an almost trancey electro interpretation that gave me the shingles down my spine when Laila drops back in at 4:28, high praise indeed. Check it HERE.

I've had such fun with the remixes that we're definitely going to be making more stems available and doing more with this. It blows my mind how talented some of you guys are out in Boomland. And god bless Soundcloud. Any requests for songs (post Arcade Perfect is easier) for stems fire them over to We're working on Ruff Guide and earlier but it will be a while!

For more Boom Mp3 goodies online and much more, go and check out 'Head Above Water'. It's just over one year since the BP Drilling Disaster, and in response our buddies at Community Records from New Orleans have organized & released this FREE compilation. There is a very rare environmentally-sound SB6 track on there too! What you waiting for?! It's HERE.

Okay then, that's that for a bit me old muckers. Speak soon.

Until the Sunlight Comes!

Barney x

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