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Hey guys

We've had a madly busy couple of weeks, between recording a new single with Pete Miles and making the wonderful video for it last night (big up to Trifecta Films and Hit & Run at Mint Lounge for their work) so it's a wonder we've got time for anything else but you know the Boom, we're a band of the people. So, we have succumbed to social pressure and got one of those blinking Twitter accounts. I've been having lots of fun with it and have finally realised what the point of it was all along. Head over to and FOLLOW US!!!

Also Boom-related on the web is a brand new Barney Blog over at Answers on students fees, Hip-Hop side-projects and Rebel Alliance. Please keep those questions coming in to I answer them all... eventually!

Cool, look out for more news from the Boom very soon...

Barney x

p.s. Here's a sneaky video peek...

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