Sonic Boom Six WANT YOU! (To Appear in our New Video)!! And Xmas Pressies!!!

Hey guys!

I trust everyone is well and truly working their way into this festive period by eating far too much, hanging around in front of warm fires and watching shit films. Apologies that I've been a little out of touch since the European tour started but, in a grim stroke of irony judging by our last single, my computer developed a virus while we were out there. Like a boil, the virus has been lanced, and here we are, letting you know that Sonic Boom Six WANT YOU!

This Saturday 22nd December we are going to be filming the finale to our 'Keep On Believing' video. This will be taking place at Manchester Darts Centre from 5pm. In the story, our hero will be competing a competition to keep our local boozer open and we need as many of you as we can get to cheer him on! The venue are putting the word out as well to their regulars and will get some of their players down but we need you guys too. We might even bring our acoustic guitars if we can get away with a few cheeky songs!

Of course, you can play darts all evening and drink so there's no obligation to do anything you don't want to do. The staff are great and it will be a great time. Details below!

Heaton Mill, Heaton Street, Denton
M34 3RG Manchester, United Kingdom. MAP.

07544 977543

PLEASE do your best to come down, it's gonna be a great time. Any questions, send them over to and I'll do my best to help you out! Consider it your xmas present to SB6. And yes, we'll get you something...

Speaking of which, there's been a massive demand for xmas presents at the Official Sonic Boom Six merch store. We've got a whole heap of hoodies, CDs, polo shirts and t-shirts in stock that would make amazing gifts. Tomorrow at midday (Thursday 20th December) is the UK cut-off point for getting merch over to you by Christmas so come and visit the shop now HERE!

And that's it for today. Of course, you've been good boys and girls this year so you'll ALL be getting a Xmas present off us this year on the day. What is it?! Well, you'll just have to wait and see what Father Christmas brings!

Until The Sunlight Comes...

Barney x

Illustration by PUNK BRITANNIA ART. Check him out on Facebook HERE.

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