SB6 on 4Music tonight! Tour Reviews and Vids abound!! & More!!!


Well, how's it going?! We're just resting up in Camp Boom after what has to be the best headline tour we've ever done. You guys were awesome and it was great to see so many fresh faces. I guess many of those faces have been brought in via our recent promotion to TV Channels around the country through the 'For The Kids Of The Multiculture' video. Speaking of which, as well as being rocked on Kerrang! TV and Scuzz and others we've been added to the 4Music line-up, (alongside such luminaries and role models N-Dubz and Bruno Mars) which is amazing. You'd be really helping us out by going and letting them know whether it's a hit or a miss HERE.

You can catch our faces tonight on 4Music from 19:30 onwards on THE RADIO ROCK 20! This countdown features the 20 most played tracks on UK rock radio stations, right now. This is particularly exciting for me as 4Music is the chosen music channel at my barbers.

With the tour finished, we're going to be spending November off gigs, crossing the t's and dotting the i's to get our next single and album on their way. The tour was absolutely amazing and a few of the gigs have been filmed with splashes of documentary and footage and are being assembled as we speak. Thanks so much to Paul Atkinson and AtkinsonMedia, Josh Buckley and the ever-prolific Matt Fleming of Decode Film who caught the storming London Underworld Big Cheese 15th Birthday show. There's a cool review of the show by Midnight Mixtape HERE and from our friends at Bananatown HERE.

If the rush of the footage by Decode below is anything to go by, we should have some great vids...

As well as the radio and TV plays we've had some cool write-ups in the Scottish Sun, a nice 5K review in Kerrang! (that's the most Ks you can have but apparently Suicidal Tendencies once got six) and, my personal favourite, a lovely little print write-up from Justin Sane of Anti-Flag. It's cool when a band you've listened to and have influenced what you do take the time out to say something nice about you, check it out...

Across the tour, we also got some time to get a few interviews done, some of which are already online. This doozy from FemaleFirst is nice and in-depth about 'Kids Of The Multiculture' and other subjects (cheers Alistair) and you can read it HERE. There's also this interview with Songkick in their bands "on the road with" series HERE (thanks Sheryl). We also took the time out to do an acoustic version of 'Sunny Side Of The Street' backstage in Preston. You can check it out HERE. Cheers to Ed Barnes!

Remember, if you have any interviews, reviews etc that you want featuring on here that I may have missed, remember to email me and I'll pop them in an update.

Anyway, there's been bare shenanigans on YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr recently as more members of the great unhosed become aware of the magnitude of the feast we're bringing to the table. As I've always contended, we're too orangey for crows, which has been the source of some hilarious back-and-forths on the grunternad over the last few weeks. While the comments on the YouTube video for 'Kids' may induce sinking-stomachs at some of the people we share our country with (and, the debate rages on, go and stick your oar in HERE) the debate elsewhere has been of an altogether more light-hearted nature. It has culminated in the picture below. If that looks like something you want to get involved in, come and follow us on Twitter HERE and you can always rock over to The Facebook page HERE.

Over the next few weeks I'm gonna be sorting a Tumblr of our very own and answer the blog questions you guys have sent over to me. Any questions for me, as ever, call the crib, same number, same hood, it's all good. Well, email me at least.

As ever, there is more news coming with big tings happening in Germany for us and a super top-secret project that's going to be a lot of fun if it comes off! Speak soon!

Until The Sunlight Comes...

Barney x

p.s. There is a worthy event in the Contact Theatre, Manchester 8th November, check it out HERE. Its for the SOPHIE Foundation who are doing great things in the name of the memory of teenager Sophie Lancaster. Click through and read and, if you're in Manchester, hopefully see you there!

Tour!!!! Final thanks to Luke 'Squat Monkey' Dowson and Adam 'Steak Slice The Third' Khan. Photo Courtesy of Claire Simmons

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