SB6 Marriage News! Paris Gig!! Caption Competition Winner!!!

Happy Days!


Congratulations are in the air! We thought it was time to let you know that Laila and Nick are getting married next year, after a whirlwind 10-year courtship! If you didn't already know they were an item, well, I don't know what to tell you. We'd love to invite you all, but there will be well too many people for that, I'm afraid. Feel free to leave your congratulations and well-wishes on Facebook or PledgeMusic!


We're happy to announce that the winner of last week's caption competition - and proud owner of a copy of Rude Awakening on signed vinyl - has been announce via our latest PledgeMusic update. His caption had it all: a pun, a band in-joke and a polite avoidance of referencing any political hot potatoes I hadn't really considered that the photograph may throw our way when posting it. Let us never speak of it again.


PARIS CREW! We're coming back to the capital city of France, dropping in at La Mécanique Ondulatoire on our way out to the mainland. We can't wait to be back! Last time we headlined we got shut down by the police... this time, a full set! But just as ruffneck rowdy. As it's been pointed out, we have supported Skindred there since, and there were no arrests, but the fact remains!

In album news, next Saturday we've got the studio booked for a photoshoot for the artwork for the new album. It's getting so tangible we can smell it. We'll have a release date and album launch gig dates very soon indeed! 

Until then, there's a whole heap of Facebook EVENTS for the gigs we do have we'd love you to join HERE. Dates below!
Upcoming | Local DatesShare:
Date Venue Location Tickets
Aug 10 La Mécanique Ondulatoire Paris, France Tickets
Aug 11 Supporting The Beatsteaks Jena, Germany Tickets
Aug 12 Headline Set - Nachtleben Frankfurt, Germany Tickets
Aug 13 Supporting The Beatsteaks Landshut, Germany Tickets
Aug 25 Beatsteaks London Koko - SB6 Main Support London, United Kingdom Tickets
Aug 29 Acoustic Black Book Cafe Set Stroud, United Kingdom Tickets
Sep 13 Random Hand Final Gig! London, United Kingdom Tickets

And that'll be it for today.

Until The Sunlight Comes...


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