Remaining 2010 Shows Off - Laila Health and Exhaustion Issues.

Hey everyone.

Bad news I'm afraid. After playing the final night of the UK tour at Southampton Talking Heads without Laila (thanks to all those that made it a fun night!) we are going to have to cancel our appearances at our remaining shows of 2011. Throughout the second half of the UK tour, Laila has been battling an infection we've all had going round the van but she just couldn't shift it and it's lead to fainting after performances and the loss of voice which plagued the last few shows. After being seen by a doctor yesterday, he believed that the cold virus, severely aggravated by exhaustion, has settled into an upper respiratory tract infection which is going to take a few days of total rest to beat at the very least. She simply wouldn't have been in a state to do the shows and her voice is gone.

We are sorry for being late with our decision and news but that is all due to Laila's desire to fight through the illness and make the shows. After spending a night in a hotel room with her coughing all night after the Southampton show I can confirm that it's far beyond the 'tour flu' we all battle with and into something that's going to do damage if ignored. We are really sorry that we've had to cancel the shows in Koln, Trier, The Romont L'APPEL S'TORE FESTIVAL and Hazebrouck. We are so sorry to all you guys and we promise we'll attempt to make it up to you next year.

You can send Laila any goodwill wishes or questions over at Laila's FACEBOOK and her TWITTER

Thanks for reading

Barney x

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  • JP
    Rest, recuperate, then return and dominate! Get well soon! Best wishes! x

    Rest, recuperate, then return and dominate!
    Get well soon!
    Best wishes! x

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