'New Style Rocka'! Festivals!! European Dates!!! & MORE


First things first, let me welcome the new members of the mailing list and website onboard. We've had a great increase in members joining over the last week so if you're one of them, then hello!

The 'New Style Rocka' video has been getting a great response, we're actually stoked (and even a little taken aback) at how positive the response to where we've chosen to go with the first single has been. Of course, there's gonna be plenty more new stuff to come and this is just a taste of where we're going with things but for now, learn the words and practice your dancing cos we can't wait to drop this one live. If you haven't checked it yet, go and see the video HERE and leave us a comment please! Thanks to Rock Sound and Big Cheese Magazine and Punktastic.com for putting the video up too.

Of course 'New Style Rocka' is available on Digital Download format on March 28th 2011 but you can still pre-order an SB6-site exclusive CD and T-Shirt bundle now! Bundles are priced at £15 and will be dispatched on Saturday March 26th in time for the single's release on March 28th. 100% cotton T-shirt's available in full range of men's sizes in yellow or black. Come and grab your bundle at sonicboomsix.co.uk/newstylerocka The single also includes brand new B-Side 'What Doesn't Kill You Make You Stronger' and a 'New Style Rocka' remix by DJ Frisk. You can hear snippets of the B-Sides over at the Teaser video on YouTube HERE. Mike Davies played 'New Style Rocka' on the Radio 1 Punk Show on Monday night and if you want to hear it again (you do, you do!) just go and give it a swift request HERE.

OK then, gigs! Well, of course, we'll be playing the UK tour with The King Blues which is fast approaching. All the dates are on our gig page HERE but we're stoked to announce that we've also got some dates coming up in Europe at the end of April. We're doing a great tour aided and abetted by our label in Germany Fond of Life Records and our new promoter FKP Scorpio. We hope to see some of our European friends coming out and representing!

Apr 23, 2011 - Berlin, (DE) @ Crystal Club - Europe 2011
Apr 22, 2011 - Vienna, (AT) @ B72 - Europe 2011
Apr 23, 2011 - Munich, (DE) @ 59 to 1 - Europe 2011
Apr 24, 2011 - St Gallen, (CH) @ Birrera - Europe 2011
Apr 25, 2011 - Stuttgart, (DE) @ Zwolfzehn - Europe 2011
Apr 26, 2011 - Koln, (DE) @ MTC - Europe 2011
Apr 27, 2011 - Hamburg, (DE) @ Logo - Europe 2011
Apr 28, 2011 - Dordrecht, (NL) @ Dolhuis - Europe 2011

Back in the UK, the first festival we have to announce for 2011 is our slot on the Main Stage at Bearded Theory Festival. We're on May 13th and you can check the festival and the line-up over at their site HERE. We're going to be running a competition to give away a weekend ticket to one lucky winner on our official Twitter, so, to stand a chance of being that lucky winner you better go and get following us there now. More details to come (as well as more festivals) but right now you're going to need to be following our Twitter HERE to stand a change of grabbing that weekend ticket.

Other bits and bobs then! Well I did an interview with a new zine, Zest For Life which is online right now and answers a few questions about the new album HERE. Elsewhere online, you can hear 'Voltage', a tune I (Barney) did the guest vocals on with a Serbian drum-core band called Project Mof. You can hear the tune HERE and remember to go and check the rest of their stuff out too.

New on the merch front is a design for the rudegirls out there. The 2-Tone style modern rudeboy t-shirt has been doing so well we couldn't deny the ladies any longer. We've got a brand new vest with an updated tribute to the classic rudegirl from the artwork of The Beat releases. Dave Wakeling of The Beat has taken a look and fully approves this little tribute! This vest will be available on The King Blues tour and is now in the STORE.

Finally, we want to offer our condolences to Anti-Vigilante all the friends and family of their drummer Oli Smith who died after a battle with cancer just over a week ago. We have played with Anti-Vigilante a good few times and they are a great band I've kept in very close contact with over the last year or so... I know this has come really out of the blue for them as much as anyone else and it's really heartbreaking to see someone so full of life and talent gone so suddenly. Everyone's thoughts are with them. You can go and check them out and leave them any messages you may have on their Facebook HERE.

Until the Sunlight Comes

Barney x

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