Headline PledgeMusic London Gig Details! Acoustic 'Train Leaves Tomorrow' Online!!

Judging by the grey skies outside, summer is well and truly over, and it's time to start with the double-jackets and increase the tog of your duvet. We've been keeping in close contact with the people that have Pledged on our album campaign over on Pledgemusic.com, with videos following the writing, recording and mixing process. If you'd like to catch up, there's a full archive over on our PledgeMusic page. You just need to kick us back a little corn - as little as £5 - and the inner sanctum of The Boom world is your oyster! With all that said, today we're going to give a little something to those who haven't yet Pledged... but first, the gig!

On 17th December, 2014 Sonic Boom Six are going to be playing their last headline show of the year at The Stillery in Camden Town. At this very special, exclusive show for Pledgers, SB6 are going to be playing a mix of old and new, and have reggae steppers Tree House Fire in support and DJs on hand to make the party one to remember.

WARNING. This gig has already sold nearly half its capacity. It WILL sell out, so get on it!

Sonic Boom Six + Tree House Fire & DJs
December 17th
The Stillery,
Camden Town
Doors 7:30pm (TBC)

Tickets available EXCLUSIVELY from our PledgeMusic.com page under 'Operation Boombox' LIVE! Exclusive London Show'.

For those that still haven't Pledged and are feeling a little deprived, we have a video of Sonic Boom Six on the acoustic stage at Butserfest, September 13th 2014, playing 'Train Leaves Tomorrow', a new track set to appear on their forthcoming album.

We've mixed six songs off the album so far and it's all sounding massive. The next thing that's coming down the pike is the pre-album mixtape that's going to be dropping on 17th November. We're frantically finishing the thing right now. We've got collabs with Capitol 1212, an acoustic cover version, a brand new track and two remixes, one confirmed from the awesome Future Dub Project who are going to be dubbing out 'Joanna' into outer space!

Until the Sunlight Comes...


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