Happy New Year! Grab Your Tour Tickets!! Help Manchester's Night & Day Venue!!!

Oi oi!
Happy New Year! Sorry we've been out of contact for the last few weeks. As well as the usual hustle and bustle of new year, we've been spending the last few weeks writing HARD. We've actually managed to demo around 30 new song ideas and are currently in the process of sorting the wheat from the chaff and creating an album, and maybe an EP, from the tunage on offer. Those of you into the reggae hip-hop of 'All-In' and 'The Dangers of Rock n Roll' and some of the more ska stuff like 'Meanwhile Back in the Real World' and 'Through the Eyes of a Child' are in for a treat. We've really been inspired by the sunny ska vibes but we have brought into the mix the bigger and bolder songwriting that experience brings. We truly can't wait for you to hear the stuff and are planning to go into the studio in March for a new single. So that's news!

We'll be playing some new songs on our forthcoming tour of the UK. We've had a crazy amount of people adding themselves to the Facebook EVENT over the last few days. I think after the Christmas and New Year excess, people have realised that it's time for some Boom in 2014. So hurry along and grab a ticket too. Any songs you guys particularly want to hear?! No weird ones please. Hit me up at @sonicboomsix on Twitter.

We have the awesome Rat Attack in support.



Wednesday     19-Feb-14     UK     Manchester     Academy 3 TICKETS
Thursday     20-Feb-14     UK     Nottingham     Rock City Basement TICKETS
Friday     21-Feb-14     UK     Birmingham     Temple Rooms TICKETS
Saturday     22-Feb-14     UK     Edinburgh     Electric Circus TICKETS
Sunday     23-Feb-14     UK      Newcastle     O2 Academy 2 TICKETS
Tuesday     25-Feb-14     UK     Leeds     Cockpit 2 TICKETS
Wednesday     26-Feb-14     UK     Bristol     The Exchange TICKETS
Thursday     27-Feb-14     UK     Portsmouth     Wedgewood Rooms TICKETS
Friday     28-Feb-14     UK     Tunbridge Wells      Forum TICKETS
Saturday     1-Mar-14     UK     London     Relentless Garage TICKETS

Tickets are available NOW! So run along and grab yours.

The song 'Polished Chrome and Open Kitchens from City of Thieves is about the gentrification of the Northern Quarter of Manchester, particularly the attempted shutdown of Afflecks Arcade and attempts to abate the noise from The Night and Day Cafe Venue. People were moving into city centre flats to be part of the lifestyle and then wanting to jump off the ride when the reality of the noise hit them. And instead of moving out, they want to change the culturally important landmarks which serve the rest of Manchester and ironically attracted them in the first place. Here in 2014 it's still going on. Please sign this petition to protect The Night and Day Care, a venue that Sonic Boom Six played some of their first gigs at. As we have observed in similar cases across the nation, 'noise abatement' sounds well and good, but the reality is that the council's sanctions on the sound in live venue drastically hinder the venue's ability to stage live music at all. The levels effectively prohibit the use of a live drum kit, meaning, as a live venue, its days are numbered. Check it out HERE.

Here's a cool lyric video for the first part of 'Polished Chrome and Open Kitchens' written about that very subject. Cheers to PunkDuckVideo for the vid. More to come, apparently!

Until The Sunlight Comes...

Barney x

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