Brand new merch designs and stock! The Boom on PROPER telly!! System of a Boom!!!

Hey there!

Hopefully on this fine Saturday morning some of you will be receiving our super new album, signed and glistening in the postman's hands. So I think at this time it would be more than pertinent of us to request that you kick down more of your hard-earned corn to us and grab yourself one of our wonderful pieces of new Sonic Boom Six merch. From the often-requested 'Too Orangey For Crows' shirt, to the wicked new t-shirt designs by the awesome Drop Life, to the older gentlemen's favourite Fred Perry style SB6 shirt, to the girly vest, there's something for everyone. We've also re-issued our classic Ruff-Guide 'Boom' hoodie, because we believe many of yours have perished over time and it's a classic. Visit our shop HERE or click the items below and knock yourself out!

Image of 'Sonic Boom Six' - CD Album Image of Girls 'Flying Logo' Vest Image of SB6 Polo Shirt

'Sonic Boom Six' - CD Album


Girls 'Flying Logo' Vest


Image of 'Strange Transformation' T-shirt Image of Terminator Cat T-shirt Image of 'Too Orangey' T-shirt

Terminator Cat T-shirt


'Too Orangey' T-shirt


Image of Boom Hoodies Image of Splatter Logo T-shirt Image of Sonic Boom Six 2011 Singles Collection

Boom Hoodies


Splatter Logo T-shirt


Remember, as well as the new album dropping this Monday 15th October, there's a few Boom-related diary entries to go along with it. At 7am the video for 'Virus' is going to be shown on Freshly Squeezed on Channel 4. The proper Channel 4, of Brookside fame. Your mum and dad are liable to see it. It's such a big deal we want you to Tweet how awesome you thought it was to @freshly whether you see it or not. It's a big deal right? A few years ago it would have been Chris Evans, or Denise Van Outen. Now it's us. Wait to Tweet after it's been on, obviously. You don't get up till 10 anyway do you?

Secondly, we've got our instore at Banquet Records. Advance tickets are available now at The Banquet staff's discretion. Banquet Record's page for the show is HERE and the Facebook event is HERE so please go add yourself.

In the evening between 7 and 10pm, Laila and I will be in the studio at Kerrang! FM spinning all kinds of music and chatting for the WHOLE show about the band and everything in between as well as playing the FULL album and discussing the songs. Head over to Kerrang! Radio to find out how to tune in. We also recorded an acoustic session this Wednesday which will be broadcast throughout next week and we happened to pop into a certain character from a band we all love that you may recognise...

Until The Sunlight Comes...

Barney x

p.s. If you're in London tonight, Barney and Laila are making their DJ debut proper at the WEST LONDON BASS CLUB. On the 13th October, WLBC returns to boom shake shake shake the room with another bangarang featuring Electro/Ska/Dub heroes Sonic Boom Six on the decks and skanking live acts The Voodoo Trombone Quartet, Mr Shankly and The Gloomers. Plus DJs MIA CLEMENTINE JONES and ANIMAL Music will be boom shaking the room till late! Let's see you there! Event is HERE and tickets are available for just £4 from HERE.

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