Album Number Five News! Website, Soundcloud and Remix Updates!! Camden Rocks!!!

Well now!

First of all, apologies for the lack of mailouts over the last couple of months. Those who have kept us with us on social media know that we haven't stopped but for those of you that only follow us via these emails, you can rest assured we've been busy. We've had a lot of seismic shifts in the 'real world' and our personal lives recently but everything's been gearing up for us to be in a position to make another SB6 album.

Next week we're going to reveal the road to the next Boom album, codenamed 'Operation Boombox'. You guys are going to be with us every step of the way. In fact, we're going to need your help. This means that the process of writing, demoing and recording will be more interactive than ever before. An industry friend who has heard the demos of the new album described them as 'the bouncy Boom of old with the production and song-writing of the New Boom' which is spot-on as far as we're concerned. Some of you may have heard 'Joanna', 'All the Same to me', 'Drop the Bass (and Pick it up) and 'Do What You Wanna Do' on the last tour. That's the vibe and the style we're rocking; what we think The Boom does best! Big ska, bouncy reggae and banging beats. Let's do this! #operationboombox

Boom! In preparation for the next few months I've just given the SB6 website a massive facelift. I've listened to you guys. Music and Video sections are overhauled, with Soundcloud added, and I've added MOBILE formatting for Boom on the go! You can still grab our app HERE but we've also given you the choice of appearing nice and neatly on your mobile. On the homepage we have a fun feed section which has our Tumblr feed and more with NEWS on a separate page. Our HOME page is now truly the Boom HQ for your everyday needs with ALL of our video, gigs and social media updates represented on the page.

On of the main overhauls has been adding Soundcloud functionality to the site and overhauling our playlists in the FANSTUFF section. Boom-rarity 'Nine Stitches' has been uploaded, check it out and follow us on Soundcloud HERE. If you like your ska and reggae, this one should tickle your fancy. I must admit, I've been sleeping on Soundcloud so I've spring-cleaned the profile and added a ton of REMIXES and INTERVIEWS. Please follow and comment and upload your own Boom remixes and I'll repost them! Let's get that interaction going. We're going to be adding more stems to download to the site over the next few weeks. For now, I've added a REMIXES section in the forum for you to discuss your remixes and request stems. Check it out HERE.

Barney has been writing a weekly music guidance blog for designed to help emerging bands to approach live performance in the right way. His FIRST column is about starting your set right. In his SECOND weekly column he explains how to put together a killer setlist. The THIRD column is all about where, when and how to use breaks and transitions in your set to build up a solid, balanced performance. And when you do stop and chat to the crowd, he has some strategies to use for maximum banter-efficiency. Please read and don't forget to comment. And if you've got any friends in bands starting out, please share this with them!

Our next gig is one of few chances to see the Boom in writing-season and is just a few weeks away. Sonic Boom Six will be tearing up Proud Camden as part of Camden Rocks Festival on the 31st May. Also on the fest are The Blackout, Ginger, Hacktivist, Orange Goblin, The Virginmarys, Turbowolf, Bleach Blood, Crazy Arm, Straight Lines, Max Raptor, Apologies, i have none, Gnarwolves and many, many more. You'd be a fool to miss it, who's in?! All the deets are HERE.

So, I'll be back in touch next week. For now why not Please check the RELEASES page and grab a download... that money goes straight to SB6. Go and enjoy. And keep the feedback and suggestions coming my way.

Until The Sunlight Comes...


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  • Dumba
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    a fine read, cheers!

    a fine read, cheers!

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