It's Always Christmas When I Think of You

Sonic Boom Six

In the true spirit of Christmas, Sonic Boom Six release their new original track 'It's Always Christmas When I Think of You' as a free download for mailing list members on Christmas Day 2013. The song is a thank you to the loyal fans, affectionately known as The Legion of Boom, that have stood by them over the years and an attempt by the band to capture the spirit of the 80s pop music they love by bands such as Madness.

SB6 extend a massive thank you to everyone who helped create the video, from Rob Tranter to James Kennedy to Katie Tavini. We can't forget Mary, Simon, baby Maggie and Katie Crush. And thanks to James's parents for letting us record till late and last but not least, Barney's mum and dad for letting the band go wild in their living room. We love you all!

Sonic Boom Six wishes all races, religions and denominations a happy festive period. Whether secular or religious, SB6 believe this time of year is about family (blood relations or not), togetherness, giving, receiving, food and, of course, drink! Except for Laila, who has apple juice.

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